8/31/07  Paul and Storm  Birchmere

  1. Opening Band
  2. Count To Ten
  3. Nugget Man (with Jonathan Coulton)
  4. The Easter Song
  5. Randy Newman's "Theme from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" ->
  6. Randy Newman's "Theme from Passion Of The Christ"
  7. Jingles (Domino's -> Twister -> Fresh Step -> Necco Wafers -> Kleenex -> Cheetos -> Olive Garden -> Pillsbury)
  8. Ten-Finger Johnny
  9. Extremely Old With You
  10. Your Love Is
  11. If James Taylor Were On Fire ->
  12. If Bob Dylan Were Hiding At The Bottom Of A Well ->
  13. If James Taylor Were On Fire At The Bottom Of A Well ->
  14. If Leon Redbone Suffered A Major Head Injury ->
  15. If Aaron Neville Were Waiting For A Parking Spot At The Mall, But Someone Else Snagged It ->
  16. If They Might Be Giants Were the Ice Cream Man
  17. Captain's Wife's Lament
  18. A Better Version Of You
  19. Freebird
  20. Six Guys, Ten Teeth