11/14/05  Dar Williams  Birchmere

  1. Comfortably Numb
  2. Teen For God
  3. Close To My Heart
  4. Spring Street
  5. Miss You Till I Meet You (with Girlyman)
  6. Echoes (with Girlyman)
  7. Another Mystery
  8. The Beauty Of The Rain
  9. Empire
  10. The One Who Knows (Dar and Julie Wolf)
  11. We Learned the Sea (Dar and Julie Wolf)
  12. Two Sides Of The River
  13. The Mercy Of The Fallen
  14. Beautiful Enemy
  15. Are You Out There?
  16. As Cool As I Am (with Girlyman)
  17. The Babysitter's Here
  18. Iowa (with Girlyman)